Our Mission is Your Mission:
To Save Lives

At Block the Bleed we are committed to working with our partners to ensure that these life-saving, Public Access Bleeding Control (PABC) kits are accessible to everyone.


How We Can Collaborate.

We’d like to collaborate with you to ensure that our partnership is a success and that we’re working towards our common goal - TO SAVE LIVES.

The co-founders of Block the Bleed have experience in campaign communications, activism programs, fundraising, and marketing. We work with each of our partners to develop a customized campaign. Based on your specific goals and needs, our role could include any of the following :

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Press Releases
  • Press Conferences
  • Media Interviews
  • Videography

We understand how important it is for the communication to resonate with your audience and have a positive impact within your network. As your partner in this special project, we are here to support your efforts in any way we can.


Partnership Basics.

  • The contents of each Bleeding Control Kit can be customized to each customer’s specifications.
  • Discounted pricing is available based on order quantity.
  • Both the PVC patch for the nylon bags and the label on the vacuum sealed Public Access. Bleeding Control Kits can be branded with your organization's logo.
  • Tax exempt status will be honored by providing us with a copy of your certificate.
  • For orders of ten or more of any product, we will work with you directly to ensure that the shipping method is the most economical for your organization.

Fundraising Partnership

Learn how your organization can raise funds while helping to ensure that bleeding control kits are accessible to everyone.

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Partnership Opportunities.

K12 Schools and Universities.

The education community has been profoundly and permanently impacted by the mass trauma shootings in recent months and years. While preventing future incidents is the number one priority, it is essential that any and all life saving resources are made available to students, faculty and employees at every campus.


As seen recently in the news, private and public corporations are also at risk. It is impossible to plan for every scenario whether the targets are random or the result of an individual grievance. Employees can be equipped with and trained to use the Public Access Bleeding Control kits to save lives.


Block the Bleed offers several options in partnering with associations to ensure that PABC kits are accessible to everyone via a collaborative marketing campaign. 1) Our fundraising program allows your association to receive a percentage of all sales revenue from purchases made via your network. 2) Customized kits can be offered to your membership at a discount as a member benefit. 3) A percentage of sales revenue can be allocated/donated to a select program or to purchase kits for the recipient(s) of your choice.

State and Local Governments.

State and local governments are designating funds from various sources (i.e. lottery, traffic tickets) as well as discretionary funds to purchase public access bleeding control kits for all K-12 public schools and public buildings.


Local and regional hospitals can sponsor the procurement of Public Access Bleeding Control kits for public schools, venues and government buildings in their region or city. Hospitals are in the unique position to also offer training and to educate the general public on the first aid measures that anyone can administer to help save lives.

Foundations/ Individual Sponsors.

There are places where Public Access Bleeding Control kits are needed but the organization(s) do not have the funding necessary to purchase the kits. Foundations or individual sponsors are able to purchase the kits and designate the recipient(s) to help ensure that this resource is accessible to all.

Places of Worship.

Tragically, places of worship are also among the targets of mass trauma events. Individual churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. are encouraged to make Public Access Bleeding Control kits accessible. Regional and state conferences, local parishes and regional dioceses, as an example, could provide kits for private schools and other affiliated organizations.

Sport and Entertainment Venues.

Because of their high profile status, sport arenas and entertainment venues must be prepared to respond to traumatic events. Public Access Bleeding Control kits are one means to help mitigate the loss of life should a venue be targeted.