Horrific scene after horrific scene, a tragic mass-shooting routine has emerged

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Another mass shooting, and Greg Zanis, a carpenter from Illinois, was again on the scene, ready to hand-craft one wood memorial cross for each of the dead. He’d made them in Orlando and Las Vegas and Parkland — and at the many shootings in between. Now, Santa Fe.

Ten more crosses. The pace of mass shootings in America had become unrelenting, and he stood drained.

“It’s depressing,” said Zanis, who runs the one-man charity Crosses for Losses. “And with all that’s happening, without help, there’s no way I could afford all that lumber.”

Horrific scene after horrific scene, a routine has emerged for the first days after a mass shooting, from what politicians say in front of the cameras, to how makeshift memorials appear, to how the media responds and people react, to the slogans meant to rally a community in pain

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